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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Integrated mobile application design, prototyping, deployment, & support delivers real-time communication & value.

Oregon Technologies

Extend the reach of your enterprise or institution through integrated mobile applications, social networking, and analytics.


Enable Your Vision of the future through custom application development, featuring options such as intensive graphics, audio, & integrated sensors for gaming, computer vision, & media applications.

Oregon Technologies offers a robust delivery process, from ideation and UX design to prototypes.  And from conception to launch and support.  A well designed and secure application, solidly tested, and perfect for your needs.

Embedde Systems

Embedded Systems

We develop robust embedded software to help businesses with smart, integrated solutions that combine hardware/software interfaces with powerful features and connectivity capabilities. Solutions include embedded software design, embedded systems development, integration and testing.

Oregon Technologies

End-to-End Software Development

We design, code and test software for embedded systems that involves devices/sensors data capture, processing and network connectivity to manage data in the cloud.

Network Solutions:  

Provide software implementation for devices interacting with other devices in the network or external world with BLE or Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE , 6LoWPAN or LoRaWAN based on your requirements.

Middleware Software Development

Middleware software to enhance functionality of your edge processing for devices, Integration to Smart devices and data aggregation.

System Development Services

System interfaces, protocol stacks, device driver development and hardware-dependent code development on Embedded Linux, FreeRTOS and Android.



We create unique IoT products using state-of-the art, secure and scalable technologies in the areas of Home/Office automation, industrial, agriculture, transportation, fire fighting, public safety etc.. We develop end-to-end IoT solutions with sensors, connected smart devices and wireless networks integrated with cloud based data analytics.

Oregon Technologies

Firmware/Embedded Software Development

We create custom firmware to optimize hardware/software interfaces with networked smart devices that deliver data to the cloud. We optimize firmware for data collection, edge processing, network connectivity and power management. We specialize in long range low power communications for sensors/devices that require power efficiency and operate in remote areas.

Connected Network Devices:  

We provide wireless connectivity to sensors/devices that interact with other devices in the network or external world with BLE or Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE , 6LoWPAN or LoRaWAN based on your requirements. We specialize in providing connectivity solutions for remote sensors/devices  with a  reliable mesh network with fail safe mechanic. 

Data Analytics

We provide capabilities that explore data analysis at the edge as well as in the cloud to drive timely and accurate decisions. The sensor devices are configured to deliver data to cloud in realtime using a gateway.


Our software solutions include readily deployable IoT products with auto configurable network connectivity. We provide capability to manage these devices remotely with diagnosis and in-field upgradable firmware/software.

AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

Enable  Business automation with  Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML)  to attain competitive advantage in product & process.

Oregon Technologies

Enable predictive analysis of customer trends  

Increase market share and develop competitive advantage by dynamically repositioning resources and optimizing business strategy.

Design and Implement ML and DO (Decision Optimization)

We enable Application design with Machine Learning and Decision Optimization by helping in test data generation and Algorithm training.

Enable AI in Manufacturing, Financial & Business process

Enable  speech recognition, Interactive Voice Support systems & Fraud detection to take applications like chat   interactive voice customer support, credit card transaction monitoring to get them advanced capabilities.

Firmware Development

Firmware Development

We provide comprehensive firmware development services to empower your embedded/IoT systems and devices for processing, network connectivity and remote management.

Oregon Technologies

Bare Metal Firmware

Firmware for devices, sensors and systems operating without operating system. Embedded firmware manages device operation by directly interacting with hardware, captures data and transfer it to a server or cloud for further analysis.

Custom Firmware     

Customized firmware solution using bare metal or RTOS per device or system specification on industry leading architectures and families including STMicro, Nordic, Renesas, Microchip, Atmel etc.

Low Power Management

Firmware development for battery powered or environmentally powered devices that need to be optimized based on power management schemes for conserving power.

Diagnostic Features and Tools

Develop support features alongside firmware solutions on a device or system for troubleshooting and updating devices remotely. Firmware updates to service and support devices that are already deployed in the fields to fix issues or add features. Remote management tools for connected devices to address fault detection, isolation and reconfiguration in the field.

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