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Software Product Development

Partner with our experienced and talented team to deliver your critical applications and services via best-In-class processes and technologies to accelerate your product roadmap.

Oregon Technologies

Provide professional end to end software product development services with state-of-the art design methodologies and tools to position clients for market-leading success and ability to scale.


Deliver high quality products at low cost by implementing leading edge techniques and agile methodologies.


Leverage Oregon Technologies’ talented resources for short term staffing needs across multiple domains to meet your TTM.

Software Product Development

Software Solution Development

Build a comprehensive solution that promotes products and services, increases productivity, streamlines processes, and seamlessly integrates with existing systems.

Oregon Technologies

Software tailored to unique business processes streamlines operations and accelerates TTM for competitive advantage.


From ERP and Ecommerce to factory automation and rebuilding legacy systems, Oregon Technologies implements dependable, secure, robust, and compliant solutions critical for business continuity.


Develop complete E2E solutions with critical capabilities that incorporate third party tools or proprietary applications.

Cost-effective, full-scale solution engineering services and elimination of expensive, ongoing licensing costs provides a high-value proposition.

Software Solutin Development

Technology Innovation & Prototyping

We partner with you to discover and develop opportunities for competitive advantage through research and development of new and advanced technology.

Oregon Technologies

Technology Innovation

Innovation today is the opportunity for tomorrow’s successful products.  Increase market share and product lifespan by getting ahead of the game:  Let Oregon Technologies leverage our research & prototyping capability across machine learning, advanced media processing, and IoT to help you lead with the next disruptive technology.

Research & Prototyping Pathway to New Products

Whether your needs center around solving unique business problems or in anticipating the advent of a new technology convergence, Oregon Technologies can help.  Lab research, prototypes, and field trials with industry-leading partners open opportunities for you in the areas of AI/ML, computer vision, 3D media processing & streaming, IoT edge processing, sensor-fusion analytics, and networks

Technloy Innovation & Prototypig


We design and integrate DevOps tools and services that evolve your software delivery process for CI/CD automation.

Oregon Technologies

Software Infrastructure

Infrastructure as code (IaaC) provides great benefits including highly configurable build, deployment, and cloud infrastructure automation so that your team spends less time managing process and more time developing. 

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD) increases your team’s velocity by eliminating dependencies and unnecessary process, while providing benefits such as always-enabled functionality throughout the development cycle and continuous delivery of value to customers.

Health & Performance Metrics

Health metrics and monitoring is part and parcel of a dependable infrastructure.  Real-time monitoring and predictive analytics ensure that you see and address problems before your customers do.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Unleash the value of your data to gain insights into changing business trends. Transform your business by embracing a data-driven culture to become a market leader.

Oregon Technologies

Predictive Data Analysis provides insight into early business trends:

Proactively respond to emerging business trends and project risks. Improve product TTM and enable corrective action with Prescriptive Analysis.


Business optimization with Data Analytics:

Instill a data-driven culture with focus on industry-specific aspects and goals.  For example:

●Enhance equipment utilization and reduce downtime through proactive maintenance in manufacturing.

●Optimize your supply chain in response to market changes in consumer products.

●Track spending habits to more effectively shape advertising strategies in finance.


Efficient Data Discovery & Analysis:

Transform your data discovery with industry-leading analytics technologies, such as Hadoop, Mongo, Spark, Python, & R.  Realign resources to address execution bottlenecks and improve overall performance.

Software Testing & Quality Assurance

We provide testing services that are in parity with business needs and raise quality through alignment to industry standards.

Oregon Technologies

Managed or Outsourced Consulting

Oregon Technologies has you covered.  Whether your project is well on its way to market or only in planning stages, it’s always a good time to consider quality.  Raise quality of your products through adoption of the best industry standards.  Let Oregon Technologies develop a plan with you to ensure your road to success is paved with happy customers.

Manage Quality Through Indicators

Ensure quality is in the DNA of your product development team and rely on indicators that quality is maintained from concept to delivery.

Effective Testing

Shift your software testing left to reduce cost and improve your team’s agility.  Incorporate industry standard testing approaches into your product development, including functional, performance/stress/load, usability, compatibility, coexistence, interoperability, continuous operation/endurance, security, etc.

Software Testing & Quality Assurance
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