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Oregon Technologies

Our Mission

We at Oregon Technologies have a two-fold mission

in service of our business clients and our community:

We provide advanced solutions for businesses seeking a competitive edge in the marketplace.  Our software solutions and services offerings are tailored to suit the needs of our customers with an eye on higher efficiency, lower cost, and creating advantages through innovative technology.

We also seek the betterment of the community through development of technologies beneficial to human life, such as fire and safety, search and rescue, and biomedical technologies.

Oregon Technologies

Our Values


At Oregon Technologies, we believe that our clients’ success is key to our business.

We secure that success by delivering real value to our clients, implementing leading edge solutions and industry standards to keep them ahead of the competition.

We aim to provide state of the art technology and options that are the right fit.

Our values at Oregon Technologies align to several areas, including as a technology services provider to businesses that require advanced, yet affordable, solutions

that are critical to meeting their bottom line.

Oregon Technologies’ founders strongly believe in directing our skill and capabilities to bettering human life, both in our community and the world.  Through development of new, innovative technologies and products, Oregon Technologies promotes the advancement of safety and medical technologies.

A core tenet of our values at Oregon Technologies is dedication to privacy

and security of personal information.  Our practices ensure the safeguarding

of our clients’ and their customers information.

We believe in hiring and partnering with women, minorities, LGTBQ, the disabled, and veterans to help bridge social and financial inequality.

Oregon Technologies

Our Vision

We at Oregon Technologies seek to become the premier software services and solutions provider by growing and evolving our portfolio through successful partnerships and projects with our clients.  Our intention is to lead by providing software solutions and services, not just to major clients, but enable

smaller businesses to as well receive the same high-standard services

available to large business. Further, we also lead by providing solutions that

are more carefully considered, more advanced, and a better fit for our

clients than the “one size fits all” offerings of our competition.  At the same time,

we prioritize enhancing the value of our solutions and services through lower cost.

Oregon Technologies

Leadership Team

Co-Founders Rao Pitla (Tech. Research), Suresh Enamuri (Eng. Development), &

Christopher Sauvageau (Prod./Business Development) are all managing contributors to

Oregon Technologies’ business strategy, solution design, and engineering leadership.

Rao Pitla

Rao Pitla

Rao Pitla has over 17 years experience at Intel Corporation as Software Architect/Team Lead overseeing architecture solutions  in multiple domains, Embedded Products, Streaming Video Applications, Image Streaming/Processing Frameworks , Enterprise Applications etc.

He currently is working as a consultant for the development of implant medical devices at Biotronik.

Suresh Enamuri

Suresh Enamuri has long experience in Technology Development and Management in Intel Corporation.  His contributions include product architecture, development and  project management in Wafer processing automation, Wireless stack development and High performance computing systems.  He was recognized for his contributions in product design and development with multiple awards throughout his career. He is currently actively working & contributing in system software product development.

Suresh Enamuri
Chris Sauvageau

Chris Sauvageau

Chris Sauvageau has over 18 years experience at Intel Corporation in product, research, and applications and three years experience at CDK Global managing programs for new products.  His proudest achievements were in delivering the first-ever smart TV concept at CES in 2009, a 5-sensor 3D camera, an IoT Smart Light with smart edge processing, and an e-Commerce site for Intel’s Channel Distributors.  His experience spans management of Quality, Development, and Programs.  He enjoys planning new projects when not working on his 24-acre homestead.

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