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Business Software Applications

Business Software Applications

Build a comprehensive solution that promotes products and services, increases productivity, streamlines processes, and seamlessly integrates with existing systems.

Oregon Technologies

Software tailored to unique business processes streamlines operations and accelerates TTM for competitive advantage.


From ERP and Ecommerce to factory automation and rebuilding legacy systems, Oregon Technologies implements dependable, secure, robust, and compliant solutions critical for business continuity.

Develop complete E2E solutions with critical capabilities that incorporate third party tools or proprietary applications.


Cost-effective, full-scale solution engineering services and elimination of expensive, ongoing licensing costs provides a high-value proposition.

Digital Healthcare Apps Development

Digital Healthcare Apps Development

We provide patient-centric digital healthcare solutions for efficient, faster decision making treatment options with remote patient monitoring tools.

Oregon Technologies

Wearables Sensors

Provide support for monitoring vital signs of patient using wearable sensors integrated with Mobile Apps. The data includes temperature, respiration rate blood pressure, heart rate etc.

Mobile Health Apps

Mobile Apps that help accomplish healthcare risks with increased engagement of patient data with clinical centers. Some of the benefits it provides include  critical patient data to clinical centers, online access to medical data and online consultations etc.

Clinical Center Apps

Integrate Medical Centers to gather health data, timely remote diagnosis,  online consultations and managing prescriptions.

Data Analytics   

Provide better diagnostics by continuously aggregating health data sets, removing manual inefficiencies and providing broader view of predicted risk.



Customized or off-the-shelf industry-leading IoT solutions provide insight for managing your agricultural needs.

Oregon Technologies

Agriculture Monitoring Solutions

We integrate crop monitoring sensors, surveillance, data analytics, optimized irrigation systems, pest control, and more to help farmers visualize crop impacts in real-time.

Soil Management Applications

Measure soil temperatures, pH balances, moisture & humidity levels, nutrients, and more.

Predictive Agriculture & Crop Modeling

Improve decision making and crop yields with analytics technologies.  Manage water and fertilizer resources for efficiency.

Pest Control

Manage pest life cycles with sensor data and predictive analytics.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

Get the most out of your heavy equipment fleet with real-time tracking, efficiency modeling, predictive maintenance analytics, and effective billing.

Oregon Technologies

Heavy Equipment Utilization
Maximize returns on investment of your heavy equipment fleet by accurately tracking engine hours, idle ratio, monitor fuel consumption, and overall usage.

Maintain Your Fleet
Use data analytics and predictive maintenance to optimize maintenance schedules.  Avoid breakdowns and reduce unplanned downtime and increase machine life.  Receive sensor alerts and fault codes.  Increase machine life of heavy equipment assets.

Fleet Management & Visibility
Prevent unauthorized use and theft with geofences.  Track equipment with real-time location reports.  Optimize billing and return on investment.



Modernize manufacturing processes with advanced networks and IoT for more efficient operations.

Oregon Technologies

Smart Manufacturing & Analytics

Leverage actionable data from smart sensors and predictive analytics for sustained efficiency & output.

Automation with IoT

Automate processes, improve quality, and reduce operating costs with customized IoT networks and smart-edge devices.


Asset Tracking
Track assets in the supply chain through robust sensor-driven networks to reduce idle time and stocking issues.

Search & Rescue & Fire-Fighting Management

Enable advanced remote-area Search & Rescue, Fire-Fighting administration & communication, and other safety capabilities through low power wireless networks and smart-edge sensor processing.

Oregon Technologies

Active Tracking & Communications for Fire-Fighting or Search & Rescue in Remote Areas
Advanced technology for real-time tracking in emergency scenarios, including Search & Rescue and wilderness Fire-Fighting deployments.  Far-flung wilderness deployments present a challenge for long-range communication and cellular signals are often out of range.  Sub-GHz wireless technology enables robust pre-configured Search & Rescue installations and deploy-on-demand capability for wilderness fire-fighting communications.  Coordinated, remote fire-fighting is enabled by peer-to-peer voice

communications and command-center administration.  Search & Rescue systems leverage the same technologies, but can be pre-installed in areas where rescues are frequent.

Advantages of Sub-GHz Deployments
Deploy on-demand or pre-install a network across vast and varied terrains with Sub-GHz wireless mesh networks for real-time awareness in the field.  Network redundancy ensures continuous up-time, especially important for dynamic circumstances like fire-fighting. Low-power requirements coupled with solar power options allow for long duty cycles for permanent installations.  Network-deployable firmware upgrades eliminate field maintenance.  Choose from an array of sensors that pertain to your solution, including infrared or 3D camera arrays, audio, GPS, etc.

Smart-Edge Intelligence
Harness the power of smart-edge processing to perform sensor-fusion analytics.  Take advantage of machine learning algorithms, such as foot-traffic counting and object recognition.  Edge-enabled usages reduce heavy or frequent data transfer to cloud and facilitate features like actuation, recognition, and authentication, even in the case of a down network.

Analytics and Administration
Deploy and administer a remote-area search and rescue or wilderness fire-fighting support system.  Connect and operate anywhere through cloud-enabled infrastructure.  Analytics support time-critical data and informed decision making.

Search & Rescue
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